The world's finest heroes... from the Avengers to X-men. 

We love them all...

"Thor of Asgard"

I loved capturing all the details of Thor's armor and Mjolnir from "Thor: The Dark World"
A mountain range from Alaska doubles as Asgard in this composite.

Digital art with photography.

"Captain America - Land of the Free"

Captain America answers the call of duty as he prepares to defend the Capitol.  Especially loved his Winter Soldier uniform, and the blue-grey variation in his iconic Shield.  Set against our photography of Washingtonm D.C.
Digital art and photography. 
"Wolverine - The Strength Within"

This was inspired by the Japanese movie poster for "The Wolverine."   Loved the play on light and dark, with the Samurai sword and the adamantium claws.
A fiery red Kona sunset intensifies the mood.

Digital art with photography.  

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